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USDA Grant Funds Rural Telemedicine and E-Learning

By Eric Frederick

 The USDA is making $19 million available to rural areas seeking to expand distance learning opportunities and telemedicine. The Distance Learning and Telemedicine (DLT) grant program gives schools, government groups, non-profits, businesses, and others the opportunity to obtain equipment and instruction that can benefit local students, teachers, doctors, and, most importantly, the community.  Nearly one fifth of America’s population resides in rural areas, as classified by the U.S. Census Bureau. These nearly 59.5 million people are spread over more than 90% of the nation’s land area, making it exceedingly difficult to concentrate...

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Nearly 200,000 Alaskans Rely on e-Learning

By CAK Staff

Contributor: Dev Joshi, Research Analyst Broadband is playing an important role in modern education, connecting students with some of the world’s best teachers while allowing educators to expand their teaching far beyond the classroom walls. Digital learning, or e-learning, provides the flexibility and efficiency that many students need while providing a boost to enrollment and graduation at colleges and universities. The Alaska Distance Education Consortium (ADEC) is one group that’s working to expand distance learning in the state.  In fact, the AK-20 project developed by ADEC and Juniper Networks connected schools and research...

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