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Alaskans pay average of $25 more for broadband service

By CAK Staff

Contributor: Dev Joshi, Research Analyst

Approximately 141,000 Alaskans do not subscribe to broadband service in their home, according to the 2011 Connect Alaska Residential Assessment. While availability is a concern for Alaskans who live outside of the major urban hubs, cost is cited most often statewide as the top reason for not subscribing to broadband. In Alaska, the median monthly bill paid by current broadband subscribers is $63 per month, which is $25 higher than the rest of the nine states surveyed. 

Connect Alaska surveys show that 44% of Alaskan non-adopters report that they would subscribe to broadband service if the price were acceptable, which is also significantly higher than the other states surveyed by Connected Nation. This means that an additional 62,000 Alaskan adults would be interested in getting connected if cost could be overcome as a barrier to broadband adoption.

Connect Alaska is working with groups across the state to ensure that all Alaskans have access to affordable broadband service. To learn more about Connect Alaska’s effort to expand broadband adoption in Alaska, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!


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