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Broadband Speeds – How Do Alaskan Businesses Stack Up?

By Dev Joshi

Today, broadband is a fundamental element for many business operations. A recent survey by Sage One shows that more than one in ten small businesses (with fewer than ten employees) use cloud-based services for their project management needs, and according to Connect Alaska’s 2011 Business Technology Assessment, Alaska businesses with broadband have median annual revenues approximately $200,000 higher than businesses that do not use broadband.

Even though the businesses with broadband generate more revenue, Alaska businesses may not be getting as much from their broadband as businesses in other states. Alaska businesses that know their advertised download speed report a median download speed of 2.6 Mbps, while the Connected Nation average is 4.9 Mbps. In addition, the median price that Alaska businesses spend on broadband is $76.11, compared to the Connected Nation average of $68.32.

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