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New Service in View for Alaska Villages

By Jeremy Thacker

High-speed Internet is entering new territory across Alaska!

HughesNet recently introduced faster broadband service for many areas across the state through its new “Ka-band” satellite coverage.

Many residents living on and off the road system can now choose the Hughesnet Alaska 500 plan, with speeds up to 5 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up. That’s nearly three times the speed of Hughes’ current entry level Ku-band satellite Internet plans. The new Ka-band service is being offered through local providers like Microcom due to new spot-beam broadband capacity on Hughes’ AMC-15 satellite.

Meantime, broadband provider GCI is now installing the last lines and pieces of equipment to provide new service to 65 villages in southwest Alaska. Depending on how construction proceeds this summer, the villages should be offered broadband by early autumn, with some coming online even sooner.

More Ka-band broadband satellite service is also in the works for Alaska. We’ll keep you posted on official announcements!

No matter the provider, the trend is clear: The digital divide in Alaska is shrinking and broadband will soon be coming to more businesses, communities, and schools across the state!

How does high-speed Internet impact your life in Alaska? Tell us your story!

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