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Smartphone Applications Bettering our Lives

By Connected Nation

Written by: Zach Gerhardt

You might remember the 2009 Apple Commercial, “There’s An App For That” that described how there is essentially an application on an iPhone for everything. Since then, all smartphones now carry “apps” consumers can utilize for many reasons. Whether it is the hottest game or a ledger to help manage your finances, you can access and download apps on your smartphone and use them a minute later.

According to Business Insider, Apple launched the App Store on July 10, 2008. Users of iPhones during the launch of the store had access to nearly 500 applications. Now they have access to hundreds of thousands. PhoneSaber, New York Times, and Evernote were ranked among the best apps launched in 2008 and still exist today.

Now there are apps that can help you find where you parked your car (iCarPark), apps that can tell you all of the companies and places to eat around you (AroundMe), even an app that can call a company and stay on hold and then call you when someone is able to talk to you (FastCustomer).

In April of 2014, according to, Facebook, Google Play, Google Search, and Youtube were the four most downloaded apps to date bringing in approximately 262.4 million downloads.


If you are interested in finding apps that could help benefit you, follow the links below:


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