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Richard (Bryan) Hinkle 
The Drive Portal was a very beneficial tool for me as I progressed through the coursework. One of the best features of the Drive Portal is that it housed all of our classes in one convenient location. This reduced the amount of time spent searching for web addresses. Also, I enjoyed the fact that the Drive Portal tracked my progress which helped to create a sense of accomplishment. 
Amanda Arnett 
The Drive portal is educational and challenging. I have benefited a lot from using the portal. It has allowed me to obtain learning skills that are truly wonderful! I will be sure to tell all my friends about it. 
Rick Bauman 
I have been using the Drive hub for more than one month and really appreciate the opportunity to learn new skills such as Basic Programming. It is a great training tool that I will continue to use to learn new ways to use my computer. 
Tiffany Spencer 
I earned my first badge for e-mail etiquette and want to tell my friends about it. I am excited to learn all the new skills that will help me improve my technology skills. I would like to continue to use Drive for furthering my skills in customer service.